2020 Roadmap

Event Date Milestone Events Attended by/
Managed by
1 March 2018 IJRU incorporated, bylaws established, board establishment ongoing,
organisation exists and is submitted for recognition by GAISF.
IJRU Transition Team, IJRU Board
2 15-20 April 2018 Joint attendance at IOC GAISF conference in Bangkok, Thailand. IJRU Board
3 July/August 2018 IJRU communication events and initial briefings to member countries at FISAC-IRSF and WJRF AGM's. FAQ sessions held. FISAC-IRSF/WJRF
4 May 2019
July 2019
IJRU board meeting (online)
Inagual IJRU AGM at WJRF competition
5 July 2020 IJRU hosts inagual 2020 jump rope/rope skipping world championships. IJRU
6 July 2020 onwards IJRU continues as single world unified body to administer the sport of jump rope/rope skipping. IJRU