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The International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) is the world governing body for the sport of jump rope/rope skipping, newly founded by merging the two international organizations Fédération Internationale de Saut à la Corde (FISAC-IRSF) and World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF).

The IJRU membership is comprised of National Rope Skipping Organizations, not individual athletes or clubs.

Our Purpose & Vision

Our purpose is to spread the sport of jump rope/rope skipping, and with it the joy, the physical strength, and the connectedness jumping rope provides.


Diversity Inclusion Excellence Innovation

IJRU’s Values

The IJRU Expects that its People Will

Display honest commitment to the IJRU values.
Strive for excellence.
Be fair to, and respect, the rights of others.
Encourage diversity in all its forms.
Work together as a team.
Communicate in an open and honest manner.
Be professional, innovative and recognised for their loyalty, integrity and determination.
Serve our sport with pride and dedication.

IJRU Stands for

Delivery of effective and beneficial governance for the sport of Jump Rope/Rope Skipping; fairness, equality and good sportsmanship for everyone involved in our sport.

The IJRU Aims To

Be a professional, highly motivated and dedicated organisation; develop and support its people; provide an equitable sporting enviroment across the globe.