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Shaun Hamilton


Shaun Hamilton began his jump rope/ rope skipping career as a young athlete in 1989. As an athlete he claimed US national titles in 1999 and 2003 and a FISAC-IRSF World Championship title in 1999 St. Louis, Missouri.  Shaun has served as coach for a local club, US board member, committee chair and Team USA Head Coach.  In 2009 Mr. Hamilton co-founded the World Jump Rope Federation and served as its Chair since 2010.


Takashi Ogawa

Executive Vice President

Takashi Ogawa started  his rope skipping team in 1998 as part of the Jump Rope for Heart program in Sydney, Australia. His involvement in the state body and Skipping Australia (then Australian Rope skipping Association) began in 2008. 

Takashi has been serving for the sport in the international level since 2015 as a FISAC-IRSF continental representative (2015), Senior Vice President (2015-2016) then President (2016-present). 

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MichAEl Chan

Vice President, Asia

Michael Chan began career of jump rope/rope skipping from 2012 as co-founder of China Rope Skipping Organisation (CRSA),authorized by The General Administration of Sport of P.R.China. Michael focus on promotion of jump rope/rope skipping all over China.

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Ernesto J. Hernandez

Vice President, Pan-America

Ernesto J. Hernandez began his involvement in the sport of competitive jump rope in 2009 when his two daughters joined a local team. Ernesto has served as a US board member and coach of a local team. In 2014, Mr. Hernandez joined World Jump Rope Federation as their Pan American representative promoting and growing the sport in the region.


Luke Winstanley

Vice President, Oceania 

Luke has been involved with Rope Skipping in Australia for over 10 years; the first two years as an involved parent, and the remaining years as a combination of committee member at the local, regional, national and/or international level.

Since 2012, Luke has held Executive member positions within Skipping Australia and in 2016 was elected to the position of Vice President – Oceania for FISAC-IRSF. Luke brings a working knowledge of sports administration, business process and systems governance and best practice to assist with organisational development, business process improvement and strategic planning. He believes there are untold opportunities for development of our sport across the globe and would like to be involved in that development.

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Mike Simpson


Mike Simpson got involved with jump rope after his son participated in Jump Rope for Heart in the first grade in 1996. When his job took his family to Ohio in 2003, Mike & his wife Carmen founded the Comet Skippers Jump Rope Team. Mike has served as a US board member from 2005-2010, co-founded the World Jump Rope Federation where he currently serves as Treasurer and Championship Organizing Committee Chair. Mike was also a co-founder of the International Jump Rope Union. 

Keolebogile Mokolopo (Keo)

Board Member Africa Representative (South Africa)

Keolebogile Mokolopo residing in Secunda, South Africa started Rope Skipping in 2005 in the Free State Province. She attended her First World Championships in 2006, Canada where South Africa competed for the first time. In 2007 she started coaching, Scooper Duppers club in Thaba-Nchu and in 2008 moved to Secunda where she initiate a club, Rize up Skippers. She served as Athlete rep for South Africa from 2009 – 2015 where after was voted Chairperson for Rope Skipping South Africa, SAGF. She currently serves on the African Jump Rope Federation board as Vice president and represent Africa in the IJRU board.


Naruep Jukping (Jay)

Board Member Asia Representative (Thailand)

Jay is currently the Execlutive Committee of Thai Jump Rope Sport Association and the national coach in Thailand. He participated in the World Jump Rope Championship in 2014-2017. Jay graduated from Chulalongkorn University and holds the master degree in Sport Science. He is a former Taekwondo athlete and has +20 combined years of experience in the sport coaching areanas. In 2015 Mr. Jay co-founded the Asia and Pacific Jump Rope Federation  and served as it Secretary-General since 2015.


Janet Locke 

Co-Secretary General, Board Member Asia Representative (Japan)

Janet's involvement with jump rope began in fourth grade elementary school in the U.S. on a demonstration team, and began to really take off in 2003 after moving to Japan. Since then she has had the privilege of assisting with major rope skipping competitions domestically in Japan, and internationally in Asia and around the world, serving as a judge, announcer, organizer, interpreter, head of delegation for Japan, board member, competitor, workshop instructor, performer, etc. Janet has long-served as a board member of the Japanese Rope Skipping Federation (JRSF), Asian Rope Skipping Federation (ARSF), and International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC-IRSF).

Innnocent Nyangori

Board Member Africa Representative

IInnocent Nyangori began his jump rope career as a coach/ athlete in 2010. He has attended a number of jump rope workshops and trainings as a coach and a judge, and serves as an instructor for both. He co-founded the Jump Rope Association of Kenya in 2013 and sits as a chairperson. Mr. Nyangori co-organised East Africa jump rope competitions in 2012 and 2013, and the first Kenya jump rope championship in 2015. He has successfully prepared a Kenyan team for these competitions including international jump rope championships where numerous medals have been won.

Elves Tembe

Board Member Africa Representative

Elves Tembe began His jump rope career as a young atlhete in 2004. As an atlete he Claimed Mozambican National titles from 2005 to 2010, IDDC in 2014 and WJR titlein DD5 in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Elves Have represented Jump rope at Federacao de Ginastica de Mocambique since 2012, he created clubs ( Limitless Jump Rope, Elves Saltador team And Moz Tigers) , IJRU Board Member, he also serve African Jump Rope Federation.

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Hanno Kramer 

Board Member Europe Representative (Germany)

Hanno Kramer began his Jump Rope / Rope Skipping career as the founder and head coach of the team Burning Ropes Beelitz in 2006. He has lead the team to multiple regional, national and international titles and to becoming one of the biggest and most successful teams in Germany. He has been hosting regional FISAC competitions over the years and has organized the first World Jump Rope Competition in 2016 in Germany.  Since 2008 he and his team have been hosting one of the biggest international Camp in Germany. Hanno is the second chairmen of the Sportsclub „SG Blau Weiß Beelitz“ with more than 900 members since 2012. He has served as a World Jump Rope Vice President Europe since 2016.


Silke Fürnschuß

Board Member Europe Representative (Austria)

Silke came in contact with Rope Skipping in 1993. When she moved from Germany to Austria she brought the sport with her to the region of Styria. From 2007 to 2016 she was responsible for Rope Skipping within the Austrian Gymnastics Federation. Since 2012 she is a Board Member of ERSO, and since 2013 of FISAC-IRSF. Currently she coaches in 2 clubs and brings the sport to the schools of her region. Silke is married and has a daughter.

Ron K.jpg

Ronald R. Kappert

Board Member Pan-America Representative (Canada)

My first involvement in Rope Skipping (Jumprope) was in 1985, in my home town of Greenfield Park, Canada, but not as an athlete, but as a board member instead with the then newly formed Canadian Skipping Association(CSA), until 1996. As a coach I formed , Canada first non school club “Super Explosion” , this along with being its first President until 1999 of the “Federation de saut a la Corde du Quebec” (FSCQ), with 18 clubs as a start.  In 1999 I became a FISAC board member after complying to the request of FISAC the year before to merge the 4 Canadian organizations into one voice, even though Canada was a founding member, hence the birth of the Canadian Rope Skipping Federation, and becoming it first President till 2002. Was elected FISAC-IRSF President (2000-2011). Working along side the board and its members to finally reconstitute and incorporate the “Federation Internationale de saut a la corde” (FISAC) in Montreal, Canada. Having brought the organization to this level with a clear vision, and six world championships later, I stepped down for a long rest, but this was not to last.  I was recruited back in the FISAC-IRSF board of Directors as executive director, first to help with the WC2016, which was to be a short mandate, to where we are now, with an extended mandate and another two world Championships completed. I am also engaged on making a truly International Rope Jump/Rope skipping Federation – International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) for all our athletes.


Rochelle Boggs 

Co-secretary General 

Rochelle’s initial interest in jump rope began when her daughter’s became involvement  with the local team. She soon found herself helping in the gym with music and choreography assistance, judging  and coaching. Rochelle has coached jump rope for 22 years, and is the current coach of Jump Company USA. She has developed clinics, and workshops, and founded the International Arnold Classic Jump Rope events currently over 5 continents. Her teams have competed in multiple US National Championships, 5 FISAC-IRSF and 8 WJRF World Championships. Rochelle has served on the BOD for USAJR, and as Secretary General of WJRF since 2016. Rochelle believes that the best of jump rope is yet to come.