IJRU will Participate in the 2020 ISF Gymnasiade Summer Games

We’ve got exciting news… 

Jump rope/rope skipping has been added to the list of sports that will be competed in the International School Sport Federation (ISF) Gymnasiade Summer Games 2020! Check out the ISF Gymnasiade Summer Games bulletin for more information about the event. 

What does this mean?

The ISF Gymnasiade Summer Games will take place from October 17-24, 2020 in Jinjiang, China P.R. and will feature 18 sports, including jump rope/rope skipping. Athletes from IJRU member countries may be eligible to compete as long as their country is an affiliated member of the ISF

Benefits for participants

All international participants have access to an 80% fare discount on flights, and there’s no participation fee! 

Next steps

Stay tuned for future updates from us in the coming weeks. We will communicate more information about the events, age categories and registration details.