IJRU Announcements

As we prepare for the 2020 World Championship, we have a number of exciting announcements to share.

IJRU 2020 World Championship Update

We are working towards hosting the first IJRU World Championship. There are many things that we need to consider as we develop a new rule set and tournament structure. In order to accommodate our diverse and growing membership, we have decided to allow countries to choose which rules they will use to qualify for the IJRU 2020 tournament. This means National Governing Bodies can use IJRU, FISAC, WJRF, or their own national rules at the qualifying tournament. Please talk with your local NGB to find out which rules they will use for your qualifying tournament.

The Latest Draft Rulebook

On March 31st the Technical Congress released a second draft of the IJRU judging manual and competition manual. Please review these documents and fill out the survey to offer your feedback. 

IJRU gets a .sport web address

We are excited to announce that the IJRU has been given a new web address: ijru.sport. As an observational GAISF member, we have access to this unique and prestigious domain name. The .sport initiative allows us to:

  • Stand out in an increasingly crowded online sport community

  • Gain recognition as the primary rope skipping/jump rope organization globally

  • Increase our visibility through search results

You can review the GAISF .sport initiative for more information about this exciting opportunity. We are also in the process of updating our website with new features and functions to make it more user friendly for our members and broader sports community.