Welcome to the IJRU Technical Congress Blog!

The Technical Congress has been tasked with creating a number of recommendations regarding the events, competition structure, rules, judging, and scoring systems that will be used at IJRU tournaments going forward. We are committed to making recommendations that benefit all athletes and help to grow the sport of jump rope/rope skipping at the local and international level. One way we hope to fulfill that goal is by creating a space where we can share our decisions, ideas, and rationale in an open and public platform. We also want to encourage the global jump rope/rope skipping community to provide us with feedback, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

To meet this aim, the Technical Congress has decided to publish a weekly blog that will include a section for feedback. Each week, the blog will highlight an important topic in relation to the sport and we will also try to address any common questions or concerns from the feedback we received the previous week. If you are interested in following along, please come back and read our posts each Wednesday!

Until next week, we’ll see you in the gym!
IJRU Tech Congress

Technical Congress