IJRU Holds First General Congress

On July 10, 2019, IJRU held the first General Congress meeting in Oslofjord, Norway. With 36 member delegates in attendance, the General Congress ratified the IJRU Constitution, Rule Book, and Competition Manual. This represents an exciting step forward for our organization and sport.

“We are officially unified! The two global bodies came together under one banner (IJRU) and formally adopted the constitution and rules of competition by its members. This has been a long time coming and we are excited about the journey we will take together.” - Shaun Hamilton, President IJRU

Executive Vice President, Takashi Ogawa stated:

“It was such a significant moment that IJRU’s vision and values got embraced by the member countries. It was the moment the jump rope/rope skilling family finally reunited and we are very encouraged to advance our tremendous sport with all family members.”

At this meeting, we announced the competition structure for the 2020 World Championships. There will be a Junior and Senior World Championships and member National Governing Bodies (NGBs) will be able to send up to three athletes in each event. More spots may become available based on confirmed NGB attendance. There will also be an open tournament. Please stay tuned for more information about registration dates and packages.

IJRU currently has 41 member countries. If you are interested in becoming an IJRU member or learning more about our sport, please contact us by email at info@ijru.org.

The IJRU Board of Directors is now in the process of developing a strategic plan, filling committee positions and planning for the 2020 IJRU World Championships in Ottawa, Canada

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