2020 World Championships Update

We hope you are all planning for the IJRU 2020 World Championships that will be held in Ottawa, Canada. In order to help with your preparations, we wanted to provide clarity around the competition format and qualification process. We will continue to provide regular updates in this format. 

What competitions will take place at the IJRU 2020 World Championships?

The 2020 World Championships will include the following competitions:

  • World Championships (WC)

  • Junior World Championships (JWC)

  • Open Tournament (OT)

  • Double Dutch Contest (DDC)

Review the IJRU Competition Manual for a full list of events, age and gender categories, and age category cut off dates.

What rules will IJRU use for the 2020 World Championship?

We will be using the IJRU Judges Manual and Competition Manual. We recommend that you review these rules in order to best prepare for the World Championship.

For more information about the IJRU rules, please follow the Technical Committee News feed or send an email to tcom@ijru.sport if you have a question.

We will continue to publicize clarifications around the rules as needed.     

How many athletes/teams can each country send to the World Championships?

The 2020 WC, JWC, OT and DDC is unique from any other international event our sport has held because we have more potential countries participating than ever before. Our objective is to maximize participation so that we can make IJRU 2020 a great experience. 

With this in mind, we have decided to create a minimum amount per NGB per event with additional rounds of registration to follow. This will allow more athletes to participate in the spots that were not filled by NGBs. A detailed chart of minimum spots per country per event will be communicated in the near future for the WC, JWC and OT.  The DDC may have a different qualifying procedure.  

Each IJRU member National Governing Body (NGB) will be able to send a minimum of three athletes/teams in each event and gender category (Female, Male, Mixed) for the World Championship. They will also be able to send at least three entries in each event for the IJRU Junior World Championship. As of now, NGBs should plan for three spots in each event and we will give guidance on additional entry slots as they become available. We want to emphasize that the number three is a starting point. We want to allow as many athletes the opportunity to compete as possible.

We plan to have similar events in the Open Tournament. This will run concurrently with the Junior Championships in an adjacent venue. Our goal is to provide at least three slots in this competition in all gender and age categories. Again, this is a starting point with plans to add more slots during the registration process. We are planning to include more age categories in the Open Tournament. Please stay tuned for more information.

How do athletes qualify for the IJRU World Championships?

All athletes will need to qualify through their respective NGB. IJRU doesn’t set the qualification criteria for each country. We do encourage NGBs to utilize the IJRU rules for qualifying for the 2020 World Championships. However, it is not required. Please note that participation in the WC, JWC and OT is determined by the NGB.  We encourage NGBs to maximize participation through their respective qualifying procedures and processes. You can contact your NGB to find out more about the qualification process. View a list of all IJRU member NGBs to find out more information about the NGB in your country/sport territory .

Double Dutch Contest qualifications for the WC 2020 will be available soon. 

Future topics 

Please stay tuned for more information about the registration process and timelines.