First Rule Book Draft

In this blog, we have been sharing important questions and milestones as we develop the new IJRU rules. It is time to share our first working draft of the IJRU Judge Manual and Competition Manual. The focus areas of this first release are the judging process (in preparation for judge training beginning mid-year) and the competition structure (in preparation for the IJRU 2020 Championship event). 

This draft release is the best opportunity to provide us with feedback on the overall structure of the rules and competition. As with our earlier posts here, we welcome your feedback. Feedback from the community has already assisted us in adjusting the course in important areas. We will continue to implement the changes as needed.  

If you have not had an opportunity to read our earlier blog posts, they may be helpful in understanding these rules and how they were developed. Most of the difficult decisions in developing these rules are discussed there.  


Our next release will be early March where we will include a draft of the formulas to calculate scores and more details of the competition including number of competitor slots available. This will be a complete draft of the document. From there, we will go through a few rounds of feedback before the final rules are published.  

We look forward to your feedback in the survey section below! 

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