Second Rule Book Draft

We are excited to release an updated draft of the IJRU Judges and Competition Manuals. Over the past 2 months the Technical Congress has continued to develop the rules and discuss the feedback we received on our first draft. 

Once again we are interested in your feedback, please read through the documents and fill out the survey at the end of this post when you are finished.

If you have not had an opportunity to read our earlier blog posts, they may be helpful in understanding these rules and how they were developed. Most of the difficult decisions in developing these rules are discussed there. 

Many people have voiced concerns that our rules are too different from the previous organizations. At a foundational level we do not believe that the IJRU rules are drastically different from the rules of either previous organization. At the end of the day we are still evaluating routines for the difficulty level of each skill and how well the athlete performs those skills. To help illustrate the similarities between the systems we have created the following chart: 

Required Elements/Deducion Judge
  • Each Required Element performed 4 different times
  • Single Rope
    • Multiples
    • Gymnastics/Power
    • Wraps/Releases
    • Interactions for pairs and team routines
  • Double Dutch
    • Turner Involvement
    • Gymnastics/Power
    • At least 4 sklls performed by each athlete
    • Partner interactions in DDPF and DDTF
  • Time Violations
  • Space Violations
  • Misses, removed major and minor mistakes. just one type of mistake. deduction % TBD
  • At a minimum 2 judges
Head Judge
  • Required Elements performed at least once at a level 3 or higher
    • Rope Manipulation
    • Inversion Displacement
    • Spartial Dynamics
    • (Turner/Jumper exchanges for Double Dutch)
  • Time Violations
  • Spartial Deductions
  • Accuracy Deductions (misses) .1 deductions for minor mistakes, .2 deductions for major mistakes
  • 1 Judge
Required Elements Judge, 10% of the score
  • Each Required Element performed a certain number of times to get maximum creit. List with a number of possible points but you dn't have to do all of them to get maximum credit.
  • Single Rope
    • Sets of 4 multiples (triples or more)
    • Gymnastics
    • Power
    • Speed Dances
    • Releases
    • Wraps
    • Interaction for pair and teams routins
  • Double Dutch
    • Turner Ivolvement
    • Switches
    • Gymnastics
    • Speed Dance
    • Release
    • Jumper interactions
  • Missses, 12.5 points for minor and 25 for major
  • 3 Judges
Presentation Judge, % of the score TBD
  • Judge A evaluates Form and Execution as well as misses
  • Judge B evaluates entertainment value as well as Musicality
  • Uses -, check, and + marks to evaluate
  • Enter a mark at least every 2 seconds
  • At a minimun 2 judges for Judge A
  • At a minimun 2 judges for Judge B
Presentation Judge, 40% of the score
  • Evaluatd Technical Presentation as well as Entertainent Value
  • Uses -, check, and + marks to evaluate
  • Enter a mark at least every 2 seconds
  • 3 Judges
Presentation Judge, 40% of the score
  • Music – to the beat
  • Music – using the music
  • Movement
  • Fom of body and Execution
  • Originality
  • Overall Impression
  • Every category got a score beween 0 and 10
  • 5 Judges (drops highest and lowest)
Difficulty Judge
  • Records a score for eac skill performed with level 0.5, 1, 2, 3... with no theoretical maximum
  • 3-5 Judges
Content Judge, 60% of the score
  • Records a score for each skill performed ranging in levels from 0.5 to 7
  • 3 judges
Difficulty Judge, 50% of the score
  • Records a score for each skill performed ranging from 1 to 6 in SR and 1 to 5 in DD.
  • 5 Judges (drops highes and lowest)
Head Judge
  • Time Violations
  • Space Violations
  • Recording of at least 3 skills per skipper in DD
  • Checking that both genders competes in each event in the Opencategory
  • Misses, minor and major misses
  • 1 Judge (Could be one of the difficulty judges)

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